You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about GIBBS Automotive Service:

This is the most awesome car repair service I have ever known. They knew I was having financial problems because I was in between jobs. They had my car picked up and even though I was under warranty through Carmax, Dede came to my apartment to pick me up to take me to the rental place and I needed a car for 2 days. I didn't realize they were that far from where I lived. The car is working great and they even put in a thermostat for me jut in case it was part of the problem. I didn't have the money right now to pay them yet and they said I could just pay it when I get my paycheck or as soon as I'm able. I've never even heard of anyone doing that. I will always recommend them to everybody I know.

Debbi K.

Awesome!...I don't think I'll take my vehicle anywhere else. The guys at Gibbs have pieced together my Nissan Frontier many times! Each time has not only been affordable (as I'm a Grad student with no money), but they listen to your concerns and aren't out to up-sell or perform unapproved repairs like some shops. I think this is the first shop in this town I've been able to walk in and not be treated like a "girl who knows nothing about vehicles", and for me that respect is worth it's weight in gold. I highly recommend them whether you own a 13 year old beat up pick-up truck or a high-end vintage sports car, these guys work on them all and they are fair, honest and do a precise job every time!

Michelle E.

They are awesome! I took my Mustang to them to fix some dents and install a new bumper cover and spoiler, and now I can't even tell there was ever anything wrong with it. Great service and quality work.

Zane K.

Good honesty quality work, so far they have replaced a starter for me and replaced my struts, both were fairly priced and the quality of work was excellent. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

Kyle M.

Experienced and honest. Can't beat that in a shop!

Patrick R.

I HIGHLY recommend coming and seeing these guys! To fix my water pump no one would take the parts I had already bought and wanted a minimum of $700. These guys were able to go ABOVE and beyond for me!! They now have a lifetime customer!!! If I could give more stars I GLADLY WOULD!!!

Amanda L.

Never taking my car ANYWHERE else! Hands down the best customer service I have ever received at an auto shop. Thank you!! My car was fixed in less time than I thought. They don't screw you around with obscene prices and incorrect diagnostics. They're honest and worth EVERY PENNY!!!

Jamine A.